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Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund

In November 2006, I participated in the Japan-Fulbright Teachers Program.  It was the experience of a lifetime!


The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. This program annually provides American primary and secondary school teachers and administrators with opportunities for professional development through short-term study visits to Japan. It aims to increase the understanding of U.S. educators who will help shape and educate the next generation. The program is designed to provide educators with first-hand opportunities to experience Japanese culture and education through school visits, interactions with teachers and students, seminars, and home stays. Upon returning to the U.S., participants share their experiences in Japan with their students, colleagues, and communities in the form of curriculum improvement, development of teaching materials, workshops and other activities.  Sadly, the JFMF program ended in 2008.


I was one of four Maryland educators chosen for the November 2006 cycle.  Here is a slide show of some of what I saw. 

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