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Products I use to make my music - The Instrumental Music site for Richard Montgomery HS. - The website for the Technology Institute for Music Educators. – A great website that allows you to post your podcasts online without much effort. There are thousands of podcasts on the site. – A great digital audio editor.  Open source--main features do not disable after the trial period is over. - The web’s only totally, free, full-functioning digital audio editor. - Great resource for music education tools.  Theory and more!!! - A GREAT digital audio workstation requires no dongle, has no copy protection, and can be evaluated with full functionality. Free Online Tuner. - Zamzar is an audio and video File Converter

Email-Me-Form allows you to create online electronic forms and collect the information respondents put into the forms.  ProProfs Online Quiz creator allows you to generate, administer, and score quizzes online.  It also allows you to get feedback on student results. – EduBlogs allows you to create free blogs for your classes. - Jam Studio is a loop-based accompaniment creator. Club Create -allows you to create various types of loop-based electronic music. Online Metronome  Noteflight is a free online Music Notation Program. A paid subscription version is available that has more features. Music History 102 is a Guide to Western Composers and their Music from the Middle Ages to the Present Ariama- Great place to find classical recordings  Compendium of effective elementary music links created by Deborah Byrd, doctoral music education student and former music teacher at Mary Peake Gifted School in Hampton, VA. 


Jazz Software


Band in a Box – Improvisation software


Impro-Visor – Open source (Free) 

improvisation software


Big Ears Ear Training Software –Jazz ear training


Jazz Scale Suggester System – Jazz chord and scale tool


Real book Software- Real Book, Recordings, Band in a Box files, & MIDI files



Solo Transcription Tools 

Transcribe -transcription software


The Amazing Slow Downer –slows down music to help transcribe.


Audio Score Ultimate 7 - Converts audio information to Sibelius files


Photo Score Ultimate 7 - scans music and converts PDF to Sibelius


Transcriptions (Already Transcribed)

Jazz Education Database –All instruments  




Informative Jazz Sites

History of Jazz -Good jazz history site -Good breakdown of jazz history


Smithsonian Jazz - Excellent education resources


USC Jazz Reference Page - Great Jazz reference both theory & history


Jazz Improvisation Primer  - Good Beginner information.


Taming the Saxophone- Jazz Improv. & Theory - Good outline of jazz theory and improvisation


Smartphone & Tablet Applications


Chord generator & Chord Scale Relationship Apps



Jazz Scale


Jazz Buddy


Accompaniment Apps

iRealb - Real book + Accompaniment


Smudge Apps Band – Accompaniment 

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