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Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers is Finally Available!

Just in Time for the Start of School!

Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers presents the ensemble director with directly applicable tips to use technology in their ensemble class. As you begin the year, please think about checking out this resource to help make some of your school year resolutions a reality.

You can pre-order a copy HERE.

Why this Blog?

Technology is ever-changing. As I wrote this book over the last three years, some of the applications and tips needed to be revisited, revised, and in some cases replaced as they were no longer useful. The underlying skills, however, did not and do not change. For example, the Google Classroom performance assessment described in the book is a modified version of a performance assessment I did with audio tapes and later compact disks--same concepts new technologies. I believe these changes are natural and anticipated them when crafting this book. This blog serves as a vessel to add on to and revise the technology descriptions, making Technology Tips for Ensemble Teachers an updated, relevant, and most importantly useful tool for ensemble teachers.



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